ARDMORE, Pa.March 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Specialty finance firm Balanced Bridge Funding (“Balanced Bridge”), which offers to accelerate fees, awards, salaries, claims, contract earnings, and other future receivables across numerous asset classes, has made a commitment to focus the legal funding portion of their business exclusively on post-settlement funding.

Virtually all legal finance companies concentrate their efforts on either pre-settlement advances or commercial litigation funding. “This is logical, as the vast majority of demand in the legal finance space exists within these categories,” says Joseph Genovesi, CEO of Balanced Bridge. “However, there is still a demand for post-settlement advances, mainly for plaintiffs’ attorneys, but also their clientele in certain scenarios where there is an extensive post-settlement payout delay. It is our goal to dominate this niche by providing affordable rates, transparent terms, and lightning fast turnaround.”

While it is true that some legal funding companies offer post-settlement advances to their clients in addition to their primary financial services, they are often unable to provide the full amount of capital required by the attorney or plaintiff requesting an advance. Because Balanced Bridge only focuses on settled case funding, they are uniquely equipped to offer the maximum advance amount as quickly as possible due to their streamlined underwriting process and large capital pool dedicated exclusively to financing post-settlement deals.

“Balanced Bridge was created to provide financing to professionals with special funding requests not serviced by traditional lenders,” says Patrick Conlin, Managing Director of Balanced Bridge. “We can provide fast financial relief to attorneys working on a contingency fee basis as well as their clientele by accelerating a portion of their delayed post-settlement receivables.”

Balanced Bridge purchases a portion of its clients’ future receivables. In turn, they advance funds against the purchased amount, allowing the client to quickly access their money instead of becoming indebted to a lender. The result is a novel, fast, and affordable cash flow solution.

The principals of Balanced Bridge, Joseph Genovesi and Patrick Conlin, have over 30 years of combined experience in the alternative finance space. Mr. Genovesi was the head of an alternative finance company. Prior to that, he served as president of a $200 million legal funding company and was the senior vice president at an alternative advisory firm. Mr. Conlin was an advisor to growth companies across multiple industries advising on matters related to mergers and acquisitions and raising capital.

Are you a plaintiffs’ attorney or plaintiff with a slow-paying settled case? Balanced Bridge is uniquely equipped to provide you the maximum advance amount possible with fair rates and transparent terms. To learn more about Balanced Bridge and its post-settlement funding solutions, please call 267-457-4540 to speak with one of their settlement funding specialists. You can also visit them on the web at, where you can submit an application for funding.

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Joseph Genovesi